Prerequisites for Workshop S-446

Using Genetics and Genealogy to Smash Through Brick Walls

This is a four-hour, hands-on workshop designed to help participants maximize the use of various third-party tools and websites for autosomal DNA. We will discuss the in-depth use of spreadsheets for organization, the tools available at DNAGedcom (ADSA, GWorks), Tier 1 tools available on GEDMatch, and Kitty Cooper’s Chromosome Mapper. Workshop participants should have accounts with GEDMatch and DNA GEDcom, and have multiple sets of autosomal raw data to work with. Each participant should come to class with a research goal in mind. (I/A)

If you do not meet all of the prerequsites listed below, you will not get the most from this workshop and should not register. 

• Must bring a laptop to the workshop. (This cannot be an iPad or tablet.)

• Must have a minimum of three close, known family members tested, with access to their results.

  • The raw data for these tests must be uploaded to GEDmatch.
  • For visual mapping, these three family members should be siblings.
  • For segment mapping, these close family members should be cousins. Ideally, attendees will have a mix of cousins and siblings tested so they can do both types of mapping, but one or the other, is acceptable. 

• Must have the DNAGedcom Client ( installed and working on your computer.

  • The DNAGedcom Client works primarily with AncestryDNA tests.
  • Attendees should have at least one test at AncestryDNA. 

• Must have a basic knowledge of spreadsheets (e.g., Excel). 

Tickets for this workshop are $60. Advance registration is required. 

Email if you have any questions about this workshop.