FGS Focus on Societies Day

Successfully Embracing the Future

 “Change is the only constant in life” – or so the saying goes. Our genealogical societies, associations, and organizations, and the larger family history community, are all constantly evolving in order to adapt to our members’ changing needs. The FGS Focus on Societies Day, Wednesday, February 11, 2015, begins with an Opening Session that will showcase how society leaders, delegates, members-at-large, and genealogical researchers can easily adapt to change today and successfully thrive tomorrow.

 Join Curt Witcher, Deena Coutant, and Jen Baldwin as they explain how your genealogical society can both adjust to and embrace change. Learn how to integrate new concepts, tools, technology, and social media that will both attract new members and inspire the current ones in your organization into a motivated and expanding network of society leaders.

  "...Courage to Change the Things I Can...:" Being a Successful Change Agent

Curt Witcher, MLS, FUGA, IGSF

Refreshing, renewing, and invigorating your society can happen most successfully when change is embraced. Some simple tactics for understanding change as the constant it is will be presented.

 Applying TLC to Create New Growth

Deena Coutant

You may have heard that genealogical societies are dying or outdated, but as a society leader or member, you can help avoid this fate.  By applying a little TLC—Time, Leadership and Communication—it is possible to start a new society or transform an existing group into a vibrant and thriving organization.

 Being More Than "Social" on Social Media

Jen Baldwin

There is more to social media for your society than just having an online presence. In order to achieve your short and long term goals as an organization, you need a strategy to further your mission statement.

 Plan to leave the Focus on Societies Day Opening Session highly motivated and ready to implement your new discoveries within your own organization!