General Sessions

The daily General Sessions on Thursday through Saturday are available to all FGS and RootsTech attendees. They will feature inspirational keynotes from these speakers, and presenters. (More announcements coming soon. Check back for details.)

Thursday, February 12: To be announced.

Friday, February 13: A. J. Jacobs, founder of the Global Family Reunion scheduled for June 6, 2015 in New York City.

Saturday, February 14: Donny Osmond, singer and entertainer with an interest in family history

Librarians' Day

The Federation of Genealogical Societies would like to invite librarians, archivists, other information professionals, and board members serving the genealogical community to attend Librarians’ Day, Tuesday, February 10, 2015. This event is sponsored by ProQuest.

The 2015 Librarians' Day theme is “Doing More Than Bricks & Mortar." Curt Witcher, Audrey Collins, Becky Hill, and Barbara Becker Meehan will present their unique perspectives on offering genealogical collections, services, and experiences, and family history’s relationship with local tourism.

Focus on Societies

Successfully Embracing the Future

“Change is the only constant in life” – or so the saying goes. Our genealogical societies, associations, and organizations, and the larger family history community, are all constantly evolving in order to adapt to our members’ changing needs. The FGS Focus on Societies Day, Wednesday, February 11, 2015, begins with an Opening Session that will showcase how society leaders, delegates, members-at-large, and genealogical researchers can easily adapt to change today and successfully thrive tomorrow.

Join Curt Witcher, Deena Coutant, and Jen Baldwin as they explain how your genealogical society can both adjust to and embrace change. Learn how to integrate new concepts, tools, technology, and social media that will both attract new members and inspire the current ones in your organization into a motivated and expanding network of society leaders.

The FGS Opening Social that evening will explore Behind the Scenes: Family History and Television with screenings of some of the most popular programs, followed by an in-depth panel discussion on the tricks of the trade.

Program Overview

The 2015 FGS conference is a Don’t Miss Event! With FGS and RootsTech sharing the same venue, and each offering a diverse selection of presentations from leading genealogical experts and organizations, there will be many new opportunities for learning as well as the more traditional enriching FGS events. 

FGS attendees are invited to attend several events being hosted by both FGS and RootsTech. These include each morning’s General Session, featuring nationally recognized speakers and personalities, along with two lecture tracks presented on Saturday, one on Technology and the other on DNA. 

Focus on Societies Day is a welcome opportunity for those who are actively involved in or who have never heard of a genealogical or historical society. With thirty sessions on varying topics such as technology, publications, event coordination, recruitment and retention, and management principles, there will be plenty of success stories and innovative solutions to ongoing challenges shared among the attendees. 

In recognition of our host city and region, a wide array of topics are being offered, including: Ethnic Groups in the West; Missionaries and Settlers; and Wagon Trains, Railroads, and Modern Transportation. Other tracks for this year’s conference are familiar ones, such as records and methodology, but with a twist in honor of the shared venue with RootsTech. Join FGS for sessions on Back to Basics, Tried and True Methods, The Most Useful Records Hidden in Plain Sight, Modern Access to Vintage Records, Connecting with the Past with Military Commemorations, Compiling Singular Records into Lively Stories, A Retro Look at Organizing and Planning, Answering Difficult Questions with Leading Questions, and much more. 

Whether a novice or an expert, the FGS 2015 Conference promises to offer something for everyone!

Daily Schedule

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Following the General Session the Expo Hall opens and the individual sessions begin. Topics include Back to Basics, Record Essentials, Missionaries and Settlers, Ethnic Groups in the West, Connecting to the Past with Military Commemorations, and a Retro Look at Organization and Planning. Thurday evening, plan on attending the thrilling RootsTech opening social at 6:00 in Hall C/D featuring entertainment on the big stage. It is the perfect way to kick-off the conference with friends in the industry. This event is free and open to all FGS attendees.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday topics let you delve into Tried and True Methods, The Most Useful Records Hidden in Plain Sight, Wagon Trains, Railroads, Migration and Modern Transportion, Origins, Standards and Practices, and Compiling Singular Records into Lively Stories. Friday evening RootsTech offers Culture Night in the Expo HallThis event is free and open to all FGS attendees.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday offers sessions on Answering Difficult Questions with Leading Questions, Records and Methods for Your Consideration, Modern Access to Vintage Resources, DNA, and Technology. There will be two RootsTech and FGS shared sessions for both the DNA and Technology tracks on this day. You won’t want to miss the closing event and concert in Hall C/D featuring the cast of BYUtv’s Studio C and other popular entertainers. This is a perfect way to end a successful and inspiring conference experience with an entertaining performance. This event is free and open to all FGS attendees.

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REGISTRATION is now open!