FGS 2014 Graphics

FGS 2014 Logo

Please download the following graphics for use in FGS 2014 related articles and advertisements.

FGS 2014 Logo - PNG

Check out the Articles section of the FGS 2014 Media Center for article ideas.

FGS 2014 Ads / Flyers

Please download the following ads to use in your society's periodicals, to hang on your library's bulletin board or share with your friends.


Full Page Ad (Color) - PDF

Full Page Ad (b/w) - PDF

Black/White Ad (90%) - PDF

Color Ad (90%) - PDF

Black & White Society Showcase Flyer - PDF

Librarians' Day - Full Page Flyer - PDF

FGS 2014 Brochure

View all the conference activities in the conference brochure. You can also print out the registration form to mail in, if you don't want to register online.

FGS 2014 Brochure - PDF

FGS 2014 Brochure (black and white) - PDF