Speaker, Ambassador, and Society Slides

Help promote the FGS 2015 conference. If you are a 2015 speaker, FGS Ambassador, or a society, we have a slide ready for your convenience. The slides and images below are available to add to your own presentations between September 2014 and early February 2015. The slides are PowerPoint files. Image files can be used with other presentation software. 

Each Powerpoint file below has an information slide and three versions for promoting the conference.

  • "Join me in Salt Lake City" with space to add "my presentations" for 2015 speakers who would like to include their 2015 presentations
  • "Join me in Salt Lake City" without space to add lectures for 2015 speakers (who prefer not to list their presentations) and FGS Ambassadors.
  • "Gather with the Nation's' Genealogists" for FGS Ambassadors who can't attend the 2015 conference and societies.

FGS 2015 Promo Slides – PPT ver2013, square format

FGS 2015 Promo Slides – PPT ver2013, wide format

FGS 2015 Promo Slides – PPT compatible, square format

FGS 2015 Promo Slides–  PPT compatible, wide format

Square Images

Wide Format Images

If you have any questions or problems, please contact marketing@fgs.org