FGS 2017 Conference Committee

National Conference Chair

Linda McCauley

Advertising Chair

Jodi Roessler 

Conference Finance Chair

Faye Stallings, FGS Treasurer

Exhibits Chair


Hospitality Chair

Rebecca James

Librarians’ Day Chair

Marilyn Holt

Local Advertising Chair

Joyce E. Homan

Local Host Chair

Barbara Guffey

Local Publicity Chair

Colleen O’Laughlin

Marketing & Publicity Chair

Tonia Kendrick

Program Chair

Amy Johnson Crow

Publications Chair

Julie Cahill Tarr

Registration Chair


Signage Chair

Suzanne Johnston

Society Showcase Chair


Sponsorship Chair

Ed Donakey 

Volunteers Chair

Rebecca Kichta Miller

For questions that do not fall under one of the areas with an email link, contact conference@fgs.org.