FGS 2018 Conference FAQs

Who Attends an FGS Conference?

FGS conferences are open to everyone with an interest in family history. Attendees have a varying range of experience from those just beginning their journey into the past to advanced researchers with many years of experience and every level in between. Whether genealogy is your career or your obsession, you are welcome to attend.

Do I have to be a member of FGS to register for this conference?

No. In fact, FGS does not have individual memberships. FGS members are genealogical societies. That results in representation of thousands of members of those societies. You also do not need to be a member of one of these societies to register for the FGS conference. If you are interested in genealogical research, you are invited to join in on the conference education and fun. Anyone can register for the FGS Conference.

What Does Registration Include?

Full registrations (early, regular, and student pricing) include admission to all sessions Wednesday hrough Saturday, a digital copy of the full conference syllabus, and $10 in Vendor Bucks.

One-day registrations include admission to all sessions for the particular day and a digital copy of the full conference syllabus.

Workshops Thursday through Saturday, sponsored luncheons, and evening events are not included in any registrations and require advance ticket purchase. The Wednesday workshops are included with registration and do not have an extra charge. 

I have already registered for the conference but now I want to add a luncheon, workshop or event; can I do that?

Yes, it’s very easy. Revisit the Registration page and follow the instructions there for adding to your registration.  

What are Vendor Bucks?

Vendor Bucks are $10 coupons that each full conference registration will receive with their registration material. When making a purchase costing $10 or more, have an exhibitor endorse your vendor bucks coupon and take the endorsed coupon to the Exhibits booth in the front of the exhibit hall to redeem it for $10 in cash. 

What is an Exhibit Hall Passport?

A Passport is a card which lists each exhibitor at the FGS 2018 conference. Attendees get the card stamped as they visit booths during the conference and turn in the completed cards for an opportunity to win prizes on Saturday. Cards must have a minimum of 20 stamps to be eligible for prize drawings and must be 100% complete to be eligible for the Grand Prize.

Are conference sessions taped?

FGS contracts with Fleetwood Onsite Conference Recording to audio record the lectures of speakers who provide their written consent to be recorded. Recordings may be purchased at the conference or ordered after the conference.

Who can attend sponsored luncheons?

While the luncheons are sponsored by various organizations, ticket sales are open to anyone interested in the organization or the presentation. 

Is there a waiting list for sold out workshops, luncheons, and events?

Purchased event tickets are occasionally canceled. If an event is shown as sold out, email registration@fgs.org to be added to a waitlist. Identify the workshop, luncheon, or event by name and session number.

What if I have a question during the conference?

Visit the registration area or the FGS booth (during exhibit hall hours) to ask questions. Volunteers will also be scattered throughout the conference venue. Look for the FGS "Ask Me" buttons to find a volunteer. 

How do I locate where a lecture, workshop or luncheon is being held after I arrive at the conference?

The On-Site Guide provided with your registration materials lists the rooms each specific lecture is in along with a layout map. The conference app will also have room assignments and a map.