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FGS 2014 Society Showcase
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FGS 2014 Society Showcase

FGS invites all member societies to reserve a table in the FGS 2014 Society Showcase. Did you know that in addition to regular exhibit hall booths there are also tables available (at a great price!) to FGS member organizations? These are gathered in one area of the exhibit hall: the Society Showcase - a perfect way to introduce your society to the rest of the country!

Online Registration

Society Showcase's strategic location directly across from the main FGS Booth will draw plenty of visitors to your table. You are encouraged to display brochures, membership forms, sample publications, and other information to promote your society, but please no sales! Have someone staff your table throughout the conference or simply leave materials for attendees to peruse while you are off enjoying lectures. It's your choice!  

Market your society to thousands of genealogists across the country! All Society Showcase participants will be featured in conference promotional materials, especially the Onsite Conference Guide, the FGS Conference News blog, and the FGS Voice Newsletter.


Decorate with an attractive theme to be eligible to win one year's membership in FGS for your society.

Focus on Societies Luncheon, Wednesday, 27 August 

Society Showcase participants can opt to host a table at the FGS Luncheon on Wednesday. This luncheon will feature themed discussions at each table. As moderator you will be able to personally engage with those at your table. No lecture necessary - just start the conversation and help it flow. We will give you a choice of themes and you select one you are most comfortable with. Combine networking, learning, socializing, eating, marekting, and fun in one neat event!

If your society or organization wishes to participate in Society Showcase but is not yet a member of FGS, it's easy to join. Visit and click on Membership Information. Don't know if your society is a member? Search FGS Members on the FGS website to find out. Watch the Conference News blog and the FGS Voice blog for information on registering sometime in the Spring.

NEW! Online Registration

Once you are a member you'll be able to register either online or on paper. Watch the FGS Conference News blog, the FGS Voice Blog, and the monthly FGS Voice newsletter for information on registering sometime soon. In the meantime, if you have a question, please contact Polly Kimmitt at


FGS 2014 Society Showcase Exhibitors List