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Finding Female Ancestors at FGS 2014

Finding female ancestors presents many challenges for genealogists. Maiden names are often hard to confirm. Laws and customs created unique problems as women were often not allowed to own property or sign legal documents. Men wrote the histories and paid the taxes; participated in the military and left wills. Therefore, in many instances, the females in the family are only noted by their first names.

Finding Female Ancestors at #FGS2014

Finding Female Ancestors at #FGS2014

However, there are clues and techniques to help you find your female ancestors, and the 2014 FGS Conference “Gone to Texas” is just the place to begin your search. This year’s conference includes four sessions specifically related to finding your “Female Ancestors.” Each of these is presented on Thursday, August 28.  Find ways to use indirect evidence, records and more to reveal their stories!

  • How to Use Ancestry.com Records to Reveal Your Female Ancestors’ Stories, presented by Anne Mitchell
  • Discovering Female Ancestors, by Melissa C. Tennant, MLS
  • Women and the Law: Researching Our Female Ancestors, by Diane VonSkiver Gagel, MA
  • A Family for Isabella: Indirect Evidence from Texas Back to Mississippi, by Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL

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