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Calling FGS 2014 attendees: Ancestry needs you in San Antonio!

Ancestry calls FGS 2014 attendees to share thei impressions in San Antonio!

Ancestry calls FGS 2014 attendees to share their impressions in San Antonio! Sign up today.

Join us for a range of opportunities being planned at FGS in San Antonio for family history enthusiasts to share their impressions of some new and existing Ancestry features.

In other words, while you have to be present in San Antonio, you do NOT have to be an existing Ancestry customer to be of great help!   To be considered, please fill out the following online questionnaire and scheduling preferences (at the end). Incentives will include the latest version of FTM for Mac or PC, an AncestryDNA kit, OR a 6 month World Explorer subscription (for brand new members or an extension for new customers).

All testing will take place in the Convention Center Room 203B at the following times, which you will be able to select later.

  • Thursday 8/28:  1-4 PM and 7-9 PM
  • Friday 8/29:        9-12 and 2-5 PM
  • Saturday 8/30:   10 – 1 PM

If you are interested in participating, please take a second to fill out this online form:  http://ancestry.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cY16OcO5LBzfS8l

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Exhibitor: Texas General Land Office

Learn how to access the Texas GLO record collections at the FGS 2014 Conference in San Antonio.

Learn how to access the Texas GLO record collections at the FGS 2014 Conference in San Antonio. Visit booth 332 or attend an optional workshop on Saturday, August 30.

Booth 332

The General Land Office was established by the 1836 Constitution for the Republic of Texas. It housed its first land records in Houston, but moved the archives to Austin in 1839. Austin residents, armed with cannon, kept the Texas Rangers from moving the records back to Houston in 1843, during what came to be known as the Archives War.

Today, the main functions of the General Land Office are earning money for the state’s Permanent School Fund, overseeing state veterans benefits, maintaining historic land records and maps and acting as steward of the state’s coast.

The General Land Office conserves and protects more than 35 million historic land documents, maps and notes that are open to the public for research. Many of these records date back to 1720 and include maps, sketches and plat maps. Forming the foundation of all private land ownership in Texas, the maps and documents of the Archives are still used today by researchers, surveyors, genealogists and students of Texas history.

Highlights of the Collection:

  • Maps, sketches and plat maps contained in the GLO Archives are more than just functional – they are hand-drawn works of art. Learn More
  • Original Spanish and Mexican land grants Learn More
  • Documents dating back to 1720 establishing Mission San Jose
  • The first draft of the Texas Constitution
  • Rare copies of 1836 muster rolls and military records of Texas heroes
  • Confederate documents, including scrip certificates, letters and diaries
  • Letters and documents from Alamo and Goliad defenders, including the most well-known Alamo survivor, Susanna Dickinson
  • Original signatures of Texas patriots such as Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, James Bowie, and William Travis

Visit the Texas GLO at booth 332 in the Exhibit Hall on the FGS Conference or attend their Saturday workhop to learn more about researching Texas land and other records in the collection.

Saturday Workshop – Genealogical Resources at the Texas General Land Office
Speaker: James Harkins, MPA, CA
S-408, Saturday, August 30, 9:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
$15 fee, registration required

This workshop covers the historical and archival resources of the Texas General Land Office. Learn how to access the GLO’s variety of records, focusing on the period immediately before the Texas Revolution, the Republic era, and early Texas statehood, and including land grants, various Special Collections and the GLO’s many online resources.

Sponsored by Texas State Genealogical Society

Register online

Learn more about research at the Texas General Land Office

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Society Showcase: South Plains Genealogical Society

The South Plains Genealogical Society exhibits in the Society Showcase at the FGS 2014 Conference in San Antonio.

The South Plains Genealogical Society exhibits in the Society Showcase at the FGS 2014 Conference in San Antonio.

Society Showcase: Booth P

The South Plains Genealogical Society (SPGS) began on April 8, 1961 when the Nancy Anderson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented a local workshop in Lubbock, Texas, and realized the tremendous amount of interest in the community in genealogical research. Members and others lent their time, talent and books to help others to begin tracing their family trees.

The first regular meeting of SPGS was held on May 19 at the Lubbock City Library. By November of the same year there were 126 charter members. With the help of donations and dues, SPGS began a collection of data for genealogists and by December of 1961 SPGS was given a bookcase in the Lubbock City Library. In the years that have followed, the collection has grown to include thousands of books and an extensive microfilm and compact disk collection. October 1990, SPGS became a non-profit corporation..

Meetings are held at the Mahon Library in Lubbock, Texas. SPGS offers a wide range of publications for purchase and publishes a monthly newsletter.

Visit the South Plains Genealogical Society in the Society Showcase, Booth P

Society Showcase Exhibitor List

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Exhibitor: RootsMagic

Learn more about RootsMagic products for family history researchers in the FGS 2014 Conference Exhibit Hall, booth #112, in San Antonio, 27-30 August.

Booth #112

For over 20 years, RootsMagic, Inc. has been creating computer software with a special purpose – to unite families. One of their earliest products, the popular “Family Origins” software, introduced thousands of people to the joy and excitement of family history.

That tradition continues today with RootsMagic, their award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing family history fun and easy. “Personal Historian” helps researchers write and preserve their ancestors’ life stories. “Family Reunion Organizer” takes the headaches out of planning important family get-togethers. RootsMagic’s newest product, “Family Atlas,” makes creating custom family maps fun and easy.

Visit RootsMagic in the FGS 2014 Conference Exhibit Hall, booth #112.

FGS 2014 Conference Exhibit Hall Map

FGS 2014 Conference Directory of Exhibitors

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Exhibitor: Clooz 3 Software Helps Analyze Document and Image Data

Ancestral Systems to show how Clooz 3 software helps organize and analyze your family history at FGS 2014 Conference, booth 333.

Ancestral Systems to show how Clooz 3 software helps organize and analyze your family history at FGS 2014 Conference, booth 333.

Ancestral Systems LLC, Booth 333

Ancestral Systems LLC is dedicated to providing solutions designed to help family history researchers gather, analyze, and validate clues and evidence about potential or suspected ancestors. The current main product is Clooz 3, a software program providing both data organization and analysis capabilities. Researchers can discover unknown persons of interest who show up in multiple documents; uncover relationships between people; and review documents coming from the same source. Clooz 3 lets users approach their family history using true document-based research strategies.

Clooz was originally developed by Elizabeth Kelly Kerstens, CG, of Ancestor Detective. In January 2012, Ancestral Systems acquired the program and has enhanced its capabilities. New features were added to offer a “Composite View” of people and documents, which lets the researcher explore how different people are associated with other people through the documents in which they were mentioned. Information from documents of various forms can be extracted into Clooz data-entry templates, and then exported to family tree programs such as Legacy Family Tree (RootsMagic, The Master Genealogist, and others are on the way in 2014). People listed in Clooz can be synchronized with those in other programs, and when a document is exported, Clooz transforms the information into events (birth, occupation, naturalization, etc.), allows you to add family relationships, and enters the source citation for each, all in one operation.

Stop by booth 333 or visit http://www.clooz.com/ for more information.

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Exhibitor Spotlight – Backblaze

Booth #525

Visit Backblaze in booth #525 FGS 2014

Visit Backblaze in booth #525 FGS 2014

Have you backed up your family photos, research records, and genealogy files? “Backblaze’s backup application is one of the easiest to use,” according to The New York Times. Stop by their booth (#535) in the Exhibit Hall at FGS in San Antonio and see for yourself!

Backblaze automatically, continuously, and safely backs up all data from a PC or Mac for just $5 per month, $50 per year, or $95 for two years and enables users to restore or remotely access their files online, on their phone, or via hard drive delivery. Backblaze was chosen as the Best Online Backup Service of 2012 by OnlineBackupReviews.org, picked as a 2013 SIIA CODiE Awards winner, and selected as one of the AlwaysOn Global Top 250 private companies. They also offer a mobile app called Backblaze Mobile.  Hear what their users are saying at  www.backblaze.com.

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