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FGS Welcomes Ambassadors

FGS Names Ambassadors for 2014 Conference

FGS Names Ambassadors for 2014 Conference

We are pleased to welcome the following Ambassadors to help spread the word about the FGS 2014 Conference in San Antonio, Texas, August 27-30.

You’ll find these bloggers, societies, writers and editors talking about FGS 2014 on Facebook, Twitter and other social media as well as on their blogs.

Check out their sites!

FGS 2014 Ambassadors include: – Caroline Pointer
ABT UNK – Amanda Pape
Ancestral Breezes – Jen Baldwin
Budding Genealogists – Claire Brisson Banks
Dennis Drummond – Dennis Drummond

Edmond Genealogy Society – Carolyn B. Leonard
Genealogy Traces – Judith Richards Shubert
Hanging From the Family Tree – Donna Peterson
Littleton Books – Chuck Livermore

Musings By Linda: Anamnesis – Linda Geiger
No Story Too Small – Amy Johnson Crow
Royal Genealogist – Ann Royal
The Ancestor Hunt – Kenneth R. Marks
The Social Media Guide for Ancestral Research – Claire Brisson Banks
The Who Hunter: On The Hunt – Rorey Cathcart
Tonia’s Roots – Tonia Kendrick
Writing is Easy – Carolyn Leonard
Your Roots Are Showing, Dearie! – Sir Leprechaun Rabbit

If you’re interested in becoming an FGS 2014 Ambassador, find out more at

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Become an FGS 2014 Conference Ambassador

FGS 2013 Ambassadors

FGS 2013 Ambassadors

Genealogy bloggers, societies, writers and editors are invited to participate in the Federation of Genealogical Societies 2014 Conference by becoming FGS 2014 Ambassadors. Ambassadors help to spread information about the FGS 2014 Conference in San Antonio, Texas, August 27-30, 2014, through social media to their friends, colleagues, and everyone interested in genealogy.

FGS 2014 Ambassadors will be:

  • Writing about the conference on their blog.
  • Using the hashtag #FGS2014 on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.
  • Mentioning FGS 2014 on Facebook, Google Plus, and other social networks.
  • Letting their local historical and genealogical societies know about the conference.

Visit to register as an FGS 2014 Ambassador and find the FGS 2014 Ambassador badge to add to your blog or other social media accounts.

Benefits to FGS 2014 Ambassadors:

  • Ambassador badge logo to display on your website.
  • Giveaways for active ambassadors, including conference registrations and discounts, special event tickets, and more.
  • Potential to be guest blogger on FGS Conference Blog.
  • Link to your blog or website on the FGS Conference blog’s Ambassador Page
  • Part of Twitter list of FGS 2014 Ambassadors.
  • Ambassador ribbon at the conference.

The FGS 2014 Conference Committee looks forward to working with the FGS 2014 Ambassadors to make this conference a success. See you in San Antonio in August!

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