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Conference Advertising Opportunities

Advertise at FGS 2014 Conference

Advertise at FGS 2014 Conference to reach the nation’s genealogists

Advertising at the FGS 2014 Conference is a great way to highlight your organization and reach out to the Nation’s Genealogists.  Advertising opportunities include a tote bag flyer, syllabus ad and onsite guide.

Conference Tote Flyer – The advertising might be a discount coupon for use at the conference, a highlight of one of your products, a brochure, postcard or a general announcement reminding people to visit your booth or society table.

Onsite Guide Ad – The onsite guide is your roadmap to the actual conference. Available ad sizes: full-page, ½ page and ¼ page.

Syllabus Ad (includes printed and CD versions) – The syllabus book contains all the conference handouts from each session. Available ad sizes: full-page, ½ page and ¼ page.

Visit the Advertising Opportunities page under the Exhibits tab on the conference homepage learn more about advertising opportunities.

Please contact the FGS Advertising Coordinator at if you have any questions.


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